The Longest Text Message I’ve Ever Received

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Why Christine is not a horrible person and is actually really super amazing!

1) Simply amazing

2) Looks perfect everyday

3) Someone I wake up early or stay up late for because I can’t wait to talk to

4) Accepts me for who I am

5) Talks to me about everything

6) Makes me smile with her smile

7) Has small little quirky things that she does that I think is cute

8) Has interesting taste in music

9) Knows how to sing, but does not do it for the attention, but for the love of singing

10) Knows how to dance

11) Gets along with my family like she was apart of it

12) Keeps me in check

13) Loves to discuss with me about her thoughts

14) Is never really mad at me

15) Sends videos of her singing to me

16) Some one I can be awkward with

17) I can fold laundry with her

18) She smells good kind of like laundry but better

19) Wants to change the world

20) Is comfortable wearing sweats anywhere

21) Unconsciously bites her bottom lip

22) She is still the same person with out me, but wants me for some reason

23) Does not really wear make up

24) Will drive around others even though she doesn’t really know

25) Someone i cant ignore no matter how hard i try

26) Knows how to party

27) Puppycat

28) Calms me down when I’m stressed

29) Stays true to herself no matter what anyone says

30) Someone I would never want to change

31) Someone who is patient

32) Pretty smart but more on the clever side

33) Can cook

34) Wants to teach me how to cook (please!!)

35) Someone who I would love to clean the house with

36) Makes me want to better myself everyday

37) Challenges me to do new things

38) Does the challenges with me

39) Likes to be childish once in a while

40) Is serious when it counts

41) Can motivate a team to victory!

42) Not afraid of what others think

43) Makes the sun rise

44) keeps me warm when I think about her

45) I want to talk with her everyday

46) Likes rapping

47) Keeps me from looking stupid

48) Can read my mind

49) Open minded about almost everything

50) Kind of bubbly

51) Sometimes shy in a cute way

52) Gets me out of bed to exercise because she thinks I’m being lazy

53) Wants to be lazy with me when she realizes that I am not getting up

54) Or literally drags me outside to run

55) Gives amazing hugs and kisses

56) Would take care of me if I was sick

57) Makes me happy with her crazy amount of game

58) Buys me presents that represent something more than just a present

59) Someone who deserves to be treated like a queen but would rather earn it

60) Someone who I could have brunch with

61) Work out problems with

62) Can wear anything and make it look amazing

63) Loves wingstop

64) We form cheesy corndogs

65) Who thinks everyday is a “present”

66) Likes to adventure

67) Someone who inspires me to write a song about her

68) Almost always happy to be around me

69) Does not mind my messiness and makes messes with me sometimes

70) Realize that we need to clean but wait two days later

71) Knows how to play video games and is slightly better than me

72) I trust her

73) Has a firm idea of who she is and what she wants to be

74) Good cuddle buddy

75) Has a fairly big family

76) knows what to say when I need it

77) Supports me in everything that I do

78) Still has her baby blanket

79) Creative

80) Funny

81) Loves the way she laughs

82) Crazy with her is a brand new level but she is never out of control

83) Powerful

84) Humble

85) Never gives up

86) Falls asleep in my arms because she feels comforted, warm, and/or just tired

87) Watches scary movies knowing that she will get scared

88) Holds me closer when she gets scared

89) Caring of everyone

90) Has Big dreams that she’s going to accomplish

91) One of the greatest friends I have had so far

92) She is afraid but she does it anyways

93) Makes all of the things that I thought were impossible, possible

94) Simple and complex at the same time

95) Staring into each others eyes puts me in a trance that I feel like I would never break

96) Understands everything that I say even if it does not make sense sometimes

97) When she sees me doing something weird like eavesdropping, she would join me and laugh with me about the conversations that we heard

98) Makes me wonder what I did to deserve her and how lucky I am to have ended up with her

99) Likes me just as much as I like her because we did not just meet half way, we met each other the whole way

100) Is out there waiting for me to show her a Whole New World

What am I doing? I have no clue anymore. I’m just pretty happy.

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0805; workspace

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0805; workspace

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Laguna @Haight Street in San Francisco, Ca

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Laguna @Haight Street in San Francisco, Ca

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“I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities.” - Walt Disney

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made these community quote books and screen prints

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Photo from instagram, by: @reinholdtp


Photo from instagram, by: @reinholdtp

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Islands (by Chloe T)

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Islands (by Chloe T)

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Saturday Night Live


Saturday Night Live

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